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“Mayo Folktales”

Facts & Figures

History & Folklore

Mayo Towns & Regions


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County Mayo History and Folklore

Folktales from County Mayo” is a  volume of folktales written by my father, the late John (Edward) Henry. (1905-1986) There are 54 of them  in this collection and they are published in Kindle e-book and PDF formats.
this link to find out more.

History section is the place to find articles of a historical nature that have a connection in some way to County Mayo.
Guestbook is a recent addition to the site and visitors are welcome to sign in and post comments.
Contact  details are on a separate page. Feel free to get in touch.

The Main Sections

Mayo towns and regions is a section devoted to areas of special interest in the county. The list isn’t comprehensive by any means but new additions are being added regularly.

Facts & Figures is short and sweet like a jackass’s gallop but I will be adding some figures from past census returns in the near future.

The Links page has a number of links to sites that have agree to swap links with me and a number of others that have a connection in some way with County Mayo.
That’s about it for the present anyway!

(With Some Facts, Figures and General Information )

Welcome to my website which, unsurprisingly, is concerned with matters relating to Co. Mayo in the west of Ireland.
As this is a personal hobby site, the content and layout don’t always follow follow conventional guidelines of presentation and layout. However I hope you find it user-friendly and I appreciate feedback.
As I write this, (January 2014) the site is still very much in its infancy but new material will be added as it comes to hand.