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Michael Davitt’s Will

Should I die in Ireland I would like to be buried at Straide, Co. Mayo, without any funeral demonstration.. If I die America I must be buried in my mother’s grave at Manayunk, near Philadelphia, and on no account brought back to Ireland. If in any other country (outside of Great Britain), to be buried in the nearest cemetery to where I may die with the simplest possible ceremony. Should I die in Great Britain I must be buried at Straide, Co. Mayo.  My diaries are not  to be published without my wife’s permission. On no account must any thing harsh or censorious written in said diaries by me about any person, dead or alive, who has ever worked for Ireland, be printed, published or used so as to give pain to any friend or relation.

To all my friends I leave kind thoughts; to my enemies the fullest possible forgiveness, and to Ireland the undying prayer for the absolute freedom and independence which it was my life’s ambition to try and obtain for her.

Dated 1st. February, 1904

Michael Davitt’s Last Will and Testament

This account of Michael Davitt’s will appeared in the “Swinford Echo,” a parish magazine that was published in the mid-60s. It was contributed by the well-known writer, Francis Shean.

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